Ferrari Museum

ferrari-museum1 In Modena wordt momenteel een nieuw Ferrari museum gebouwd. Het design is gemaakt door Future Systems en ziet eruit als een race-auto-achtig geel dak dat zich uitstrekt over het twee verdiepingen hoge huis waar Enzo Ferrari in 1898 werd geboren.


Het dak heeft kieuwen en het design had een klassieke Maserati als inspiratiebron. Het museum moet in 2011 klaar zijn om duizenden autoliefhebbers naar het Noord Italiaanse stadje te trekken.
I’m game!


5 Comments on “Ferrari Museum

  1. haha dat is helemaal niet het nieuwe ferrari museum maar dat wordt het nieuwe maserati museum ik ben met vakantie daar naar toe geweest en er staat zelf dat daar het (maserati)museum wordt gebouwt het staat zelfs voor de maserati
    dus ik weet niet wat jij zegt maar dat wordt het nieuwe maserati museum
    PS voor alle lezers van mijn bericht luister maar naar mij en niet naar hem kijk zelf maar op google bij afbeeldingen(maserati museum)
    dan kun je het zelf zien en lezen
    Laterzz 🙂

  2. I beleive there are a few mootsncepciins on both parts(Audi enth’s/Russel)I have an A8 and have had a variety of other high end brands grace the checkered floors of my garage, ranging from astons to ferraris. It is simple, preference of preception, I drive an audi not to show off that I have a fort knox sized bank account but merely to find contentment in what takes me from point A to B and whatever twisted variants in between with comfort, style and elegance suitable to me and not the remaining masses who cant afford such extravagance. I dont want 100 people stopping me on my way to work asking me about my car, so flash is out(ferrari, lambo, aston). If I need to chauffuer my family or some quality clientel, quattro is a must for my climate, so the ultimate driving machine and other comparable 2wd marks are out. That leaves me with very few choices, and I want the best of all worlds, so what do you recommend(excluding climate)? Component wise, who offers me the best, performance wise who offers me the best. Its not to hard to beleive that audi is the #1 choice. I find it humorous that not a single person mentioned jaguar in this entire blathering mess. You think that a Jag can compete with the likes of BMW, Aston martin, Lexus, Audi or porsche? Of course not, but as far as branding goes, their name gets thrown in the mix mainly because of what they look like. Im quite curious as to what Russel was looking for in, as well as what he compared the S4 to, to dertimine his dislke of it. However, if it comes to reliability, audis currently have the highline market cornered, I doubt Russel has looked into the maintainence of an Aston or a maserati, let alone other high end cars. Your lucky to see your maserati or aston within a week if your lucky to have something minor go wrong with it. Also, how many astons or masers do you see on the road with 50k+ miles on them?On a side note, the countless CEO’s, CFO’s and corp. presidents that I waste countless saturday mornings with, litter our trap clubs’ parking lot with a variety of cars, but one thing you would notice is that a majority of them are audis. Reason being, the branding and PR used to attract such big spenders is not as common place as your average the ultimate driving machine slogan thats been beating our heads into the ground over the past decade. One main point you should understand is that these people didnt get to where they are because of someone else telling them what to do, they did their homework and tested what is available to them. Now your wife, on the other hand, lets say wants to buy you a new car for a birthday present, makes the emotional, rationless deceision and you end up with a new Merc, lex or Jag. So, Russel, you are correct in saying that the audi brand is not as well received to the general public as true high liner, but thats about all. However, your average car buyer, is losing his ass on those wonderfully promoted american/japanese products you see all over TV and in your daily newspaper.As for the S8 surviving in the american market, it will likely do what its predicessor did(01-03 S8). The S variance of audi is not the same as the z lines of BMW(excluding Z8 which only lasted one year) but it is like the AMG of Merc and M lines of BMW, all of which have their beginnings and ends. Its foolish to think that a company like audi would distribute a product that wont be well received, whether you approve of it or not.Where I do fall into agreement with the enthusiast crowd is that if something is selling like hot cakes, than its very likely that their marketing of such models was done with precision, and the products themselves are remarkable. Russel,, I tend to care very little for the suckers of the world, try not to be one. I urge you to use a little more research and tact before flagrantly bashing one mark over another without any factual info. Russel, you just a punk ass, aint knowin nothin, loud mouth bitch. Cheers

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