Auto kleuren

Kleur voor je auto kiezen? Voor mij en vele anderen is wit inmiddels het nieuwe zwart. De Amerikanen gaan er in elk geval massaal voor. Maar als we het DuPont 2007 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report moeten geloven, staat ons dit te wachten: 
*North America – White/white pearl led in popularity with 19 percent of the overall vehicle market and 26 percent of the market for the truck/SUV category. White/white pearl tied in popularity with black for the luxury segment in North America, while silver reigned in intermediate/CUV and compact/sport segments, but declined in popularity in the past year by a combined 5 percent since the 2006 DuPont report.
* Mexico – Mexico also saw white/white pearl in the lead, with 32 percent of the overall market. Gray and red rounded out the top three in Mexico, with 15 percent and 13 percent, respectively.
* Brazil – In its debut as an independent segment within the report, Brazil shows silver leading in overall color popularity with 34 percent of the market. Black ranks a distant second with 23 percent and gray in third with 15 percent.
* Europe – Black is resoundingly the most popular color, with approximately 25 percent of the market, overtaking silver, and up 1 percent over last year’s report. Black is the clear leader in every vehicle segment in Europe, except in the MPV category, where it is in third place. Similar to American tastes, black metallic effects also are gaining ground. A clear commitment to color in grays and more vibrant basic colors, such as blue and red, can be detected.
* Japan – White/white pearl leads overall, with 24 percent, tied with last year’s popularity in the market. Silver is a close second with 22 percent, down 5 percent from the 2006 report. Similar to North America, silver leads in the intermediate and compact/sport segments.

* China – The race between silver and black is close — silver led by just one percentage point. White/white pearl, blue and red round out the top five in that country, followed by gray.
* South Korea – Silver was the leader with 39 percent of the market. White/white pearl represent 25 percent of the market, with black and black effect at 22 percent.

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